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Welcome to a concept unique to television – Garden Earth™ a green gardening show that mixes the best of travel, history, horticulture and lifestyle TV to tell the stories behind America’s most popular pastime. With the Earth as our backyard, viewers will set off around the globe to learn about the fascinating history of the plants we take so for granted; the why’s and wherefore’s about how we garden; new trends in growing; spectacular new plants for the home garden; green landscape practices; the latest (and best!) in edible gardening – all thrown in with a hefty dose of practical information that you can translate right into your own garden.

Our guide for these gardening adventures will be Michael Weishan, veteran host of both NPR and PBS. With over 10 years of national media experience (including 5 years at the helm of PBS' flagship gardening show, "The Victory Garden"), three bestselling books, and 25 years practical experience as a designer, Michael has the perfect combination of personality and expertise to make our trek both educational and entertaining.

So whether visiting an urban rooftop oasis, a lush English garden estate, or a tropical botanical garden, our new show will inspire you to open your mind, dig in, get dirty and celebrate the incredible beauty and variety of Garden Earth.

We invite you to watch our short HD promo and get a taste of Garden Earth. For more information about the 13 week half-hour series, please contact Executive Producer Tom James at 913-548-7788 or Fran Harth at WTTW Chicago 773-583-5000.