GE 001
Water, Water, Everywhere

Turn on the garden hose today, and out flows effortless liquid gold. But it wasn’t always that way. From the first Roman aqueducts in Pompeii, to the cascades of Versailles, to the fountains of the Bellagio in Vegas, how water continues to dictate the way we live and garden. Plus, how to capture a bit of water magic in even the smallest garden.

GE 002
The Gardenless Gardener

Who says you have to have a big outdoor space to enjoy gardening? From glass conservatories to gardening under lights, here’s the latest innovations & introductions to make the indoors bloom all year round.

GE 003
One Man’s Weed...

Many of America’s most commonplace garden weeds are imports, like the dandelion, delivered in the bellies of Colonial cows. A look at the worst weeds we fight today, the crazy stories of how they got to our shores, and the best new methods for organic control. Who ordered that weed salad?

GE 004
Food for the Masses

When populations become dependant on a single food source, potential catastrophe looms. The dirt on the great Irish potato famine, its effect on American history, plus another near disaster in the US just a few decades ago. A cautionary tale in biodiversity, and what the today’s gardener can do about it.

GE 005
Flying High

From luxurious hideaways to functioning factories for recycling rainwater and saving energy, wild and weird things are happening on the rooftop. Here’s a bird’s eye view of the latest roof gardening developments, and why one may be coming soon to a building near you.

GE 006
The Plant Explorers

From battling pirates on the Yangtze, to fleeing bubonic plague, some very remarkable men are responsible for many of the ornamental plants we take for granted. A history filled with murder, intrigue and adventure, plus some fantastic new varieties for your backyard.

GE 007
An Annual Affair

Bizarre tales of how the repeal of a glass tax in Britain, the emergence of a single moth, and the discovery of an island of bird guano are directly responsible for all those colorful annuals in your backyard. All this, and a primer for growing the best summer flowers ever.

GE 008
Antique Appeal

Like clothes, plants go in and out of fashion, often for the wrong reason. This program chronicles the rise and fall of the some of the quirkiest – white celery, anyone? – and reveals what you can expect to roll down the garden runway this season.

GE 009
Growth Of Empire

A select group of plants literally defined imperial borders in the 19th and 20th century, spawning wars, revolts, revolution and international intrigue. Here’s how rubber, cocoa and tobacco have shaped our world, and a look ahead to what species may shape our future. Plus, some imperial plants you shouldn’t be without.

GE 010
Drowning in Oil

Want to guess what’s one of the most petroleum dependant pursuits in America? You got it. The greenest of the green: gardening. Here’s why our gardening habits are so petroleum dependant, and some ways you can avoid the oil trap and green up your backyard.

GE 011
The Trouble With Heirlooms

Far and away, heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables provide some of the most flavorful treats for the kitchen table. But there’s trouble brewing in the backyard: a close-up look at the challenges heirlooms face in today’s changing gardening climate, and what you can do about it.

GE 012
Foreign Imports

Kudzu for cattle fodder? Japanese Knotweed for erosion control? Burning bushes for fall foliage? We’ve made some drastic mistakes importing invasive species to this country, for all the wrong reasons. A run down of the current 10 most-wanted, and how a few stalwart souls are trying to turn the tables.

GE 013
Garden Travels

Horticultural tourism has never been more popular, and we take you to three gardens you must see before you retire your trowel. Plus, how to bring the best design lessons of each to your own backyard.

* This outline is for planning purposes only; episodes content and order may change.